The Family

Danyelle Rus

Owner of Shiloh Acres Farm. She has farming running through her blood thanks to her grandfather. When her and her family moved to Georgia, it was her dream to start a farm. She got her first goats in 2017.

Kelly Rus

Husband and the more affectionately known as "the builder". He is the expert fence, building, and coop builder. He can repair just about anything that is broken and does an all around generally awesome handy man.

Ondrea Rus

Oldest of the Rus kids. This fun, loving girl is a free spirit. She loves books, flowers, and Paris. One of the best things about this girl is that she can see the beauty in anything.

Parker Rus

The only boy here on the farm, Parker is one of the hardest workers I know. He is very dedicated to all the animals, but his favorite has to be chickens. He has plans on building a chicken town that you can visit here on the farm and expanding his chicken operation.

Myla Rus

Third in line here at the farm, this girl beats to her own drum. She is feisty, sassy, and on the go all the time. She loves being outdoors. She has started a rabbit division here on the farm. She hand selects and breeds rabbits for others to enjoy.

Kinsley Rus

This sweet girl is the last of the farm kids. She is sweet and very caring. She loves her pony Dolly, and any animal that comes to the farm. She likes to give treats and lots of pets. She is also very artistic and loves drawing.

Robin South

Robin is the mom of Danyelle and the Grandma to all those wonderful farm kids. She runs the farm store and she helps create all the products for the store.

Nicole Zwagerman

Nicole is the sister of Danyelle and Aunt to all the farm kids. She takes care of all the dogs, bottle feeds baby goats, and does most our milking. I have yet to meet an animal that doesn't like Nicole and that Nicole doesn't like.