The Farm

The Barn

This barn is old. it is the main reason I fell in love with this property and I am so thankful that we get to call this home. The barn is where everything happens in maintaining the farm.

Pig Pen

This is where all five of the pigs live. We currently have three KuneKune and two mini potbelly.

The Baby Pen

This is where we house any baby goats on the farm. The stay here while we bottle feed them and milk their mom's. We choose to do it this way to make sure the babies get enough, it makes separating them easier, and allows us to use the extra money for our soap, milk, cheese, and more.

The Girl Pen

This is where all our Nannies spend time in the, eat all the grass they can, and enjoy life being played with, being pet, and getting treats.

The Boy/Horse Pen

This is where the boys spend their time when they are not with the girls breeding. The hang with their friends Dolly and Price, the ponies. Treats, scratches, and lots of love all around.

The Chickens

The chickens go through several stages here. From incubator to free range! They have lots of room to explore and even enjoy getting food on a picnic table just for them.

The Future

This current brush filled field is going to be the site of so many things. In due time, we hope to have our own farm store, chicken town, pygmy playground, and so much more. The goal is that you will be able to come and shop, spend time with animals, and maybe even get a bite to eat. It is wit so many great plans for this place we Shiloh Acres that we hope you will continue to shop local and help us grow.